Past Results*

We prepare our cases for trial. Because of this, the vast majority of our cases are resolved outside of court. Due to the dollar amounts involved, the railroads have conditioned these settlements on confidentiality clauses. Although we would prefer that the settlement amounts be matters of public record, we also recognize that our clients have the absolute right to accept confidentiality in exchange for the financial security that comes with a fair settlement. Because of these agreements, we cannot publish the recoveries obtained by most of the clients represented by The Reddy Law Firm.

Here are some of jury verdicts Brian Reddy has obtained for his clients:

  • Conductor injured shoulder removing end of train device from car on siding. Diagnosed with torn rotator cuff. Jury verdict for Plaintiff $4,700,000.00 ($4.7 million). Jury rejected railroad argument that conductor was at fault. The verdict was upheld on appeal. Railroad had to pay full verdict plus interest.
  • Conductor (remote control operator) injured back after stepping on large piece of coke in yard at night. Jury verdict for Plaintiff $2,500,000.00 ($2.5 million).
  • Car department worker injured after lifting End of Train device (EOT) lying in yard. Jury verdict for Plaintiff $1,300,000.00 ($1.3 million).
  • Conductor injured stepping off locomotive at night as a result of unsafe ground conditions. Jury verdict for Plaintiff - $895,000.00. This verdict was reduced by 15% based on railroad’s affirmative defenses.
  • Locomotive engineer was injured when he jumped from van stopped on highway in snowstorm. He feared that the van was going to be hit by oncoming tractor trailer - (fortunately this didn’t happen). He suffered a broken nose and four broken teeth. Railroad denied responsibility. Engineer incurred approximately $13,300 in lost earnings and $8,500 in medical bills.   Jury verdict for Plaintiff - $413,000.00. $50,000 of this verdict was for his wife’s loss of consortium.

Here Are Some Settlement Examples:

  • Locomotive engineer and conductor in a railroad provided "jitney" or "limo'" van that collided head-on with on-coming pick up truck. It appeared that pick- up crossed into their travel lane. Plaintiff and conductor alleged that van driver was speeding and not paying attention - otherwise he could have avoided collision. Both cases successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Locomotive engineer suffered asthma type symptoms due to exposure to diesel exhaust emissions from poorly maintained engine used in outlying point. Engineer’s doctor advised him to avoid future exposure so couldn’t return to work. Case successfully resolved 1 week before trial with confidential settlement.
  • Locomotive engineer with breathing problems due to hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by mold conditions in poorly maintained locomotive air conditioning units. Successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Railroad conductor injured getting off locomotive at night due to hole in ballast. Successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Locomotive engineer injured when seat on engine breaks. Summary judgment awarded in favor of engineer. Successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Locomotive engineer injured when slips on oil on locomotive walkway. Successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Railroad conductor injured when train has undesired emergency brake application. Successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Locomotive engineer suffers post-traumatic stress following collision with tractor trailer stopped on railroad crossing. Successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Locomotive engineer injured stepping out of van on icy rail yard parking lot. Successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Locomotive engineer suffers mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure on job. Successfully resolved by confidential settlement.
  • Locomotive engineer injured in fall while trying to get out of room when false fire alarm activated at overnight lodging. There were prior incidents of false alarms at the lodging. This matter was successfully resolved by confidential settlement.



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